Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Radiology Posting

Do you have any ideas about Radiology ?

I'm quite keen on learning this kind of subject.Very interesting and very mysterious.

It's all about study on modalities being used for medical purpose.Here,what we have learned includes plain radiograph,Computed Tomography,Magnetic Resonans Imaging,Radionuclide scan,angiography and some more rare things.

Why mysterious?

It makes me think deeper and deeper about the Creator.He is truly,absolutely Most Great.Through this study,we can see how He manages all the organs in our body in a very perfectful way.Later,we can feel how grateful we are to be such an amazing creation of His.Subhanallah...

Tomorrow would be the exam,InsyaAllah.Once again,IMAN is being tested.

" Ya Rahman,Thabbit qulubana ala tho'atik "

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